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Has America Lost It's Way?

Blogging a Book About the Evolution of "American" Society

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    I love life! New experiences and the
magnificent variety of humans in the world enrich that life. For more than five decades I been an educator.

    I am the author of several books, dozens of articles, and recently published Pressing Your Own Buttons, an online self-counseling course to help you “Take control of your life so others don’t!™

    I have a passion for helping people. I care about them! Therefore, I am deeply saddened by the increasing violence in the media, the mean behavior exhibited even in com-mercials, and the overall decline in the higher values that heretofore raised us from being just another form of animal on the planet to the thinking, cultured creatures we can be.

    Unfortunately, we appear to be in rapid decline in our humanity. The recent election in the U.S. is a clear indication of how fallen we are in the America’s and elsewhere. In short, we are becoming mean societies capable of things we earlier thought ourselves incapable.

    Consider that by July of 2016 over 200 people had been killed in mass shootings in the U.S. Incredibly, people in the United States of America kill 51 times more people every year than are killed in Canada! Granted, Canada has only 1/10 the population. That still begs the
question why 51 times more killings in the U.S. and not only 10 times. The fact is “Americans” love guns! They are becoming increasingly violent, and meaner.

    As the most powerful country in the world, the U.S.A. affects and infects us all on the Northern and Southern American Continents. We are all becoming meaner!

    Unless we want our children to become meaner adults, too, we in the Americas need to change. With my blog, The Mean-ing of America, I hope to start the discussion that may lead to that change.


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