The Elephant in the Room

The late Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau said it, “Living next to you is in some ways like sleeping with an elephant. No matter how friendly and even-tempered is the beast, if I can call it that, one is affected by every twitch and grunt.” The “you” he was talking about was the United States of America. It’s current President, Donald Trump, is twitching and grunting over comments from North Korea, that he takes so very personally, and Canadians are feeling every one of those twitches and grunts.

When Trump ramps up his self-serving rhetoric, as he has been doing with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, he makes the world nervous. Trump’s Tweets read like schoolyard pre-pubescent chirpings of a bully. The world is not a schoolyard. However, Trump is a bully. I suggest President Trump behaves like one might expect a tantrum-prone child might who was used to saying what he wants and expecting to get it. Wealth can do that to people.

Unfortunately, nations cannot be run that way, nor can diplomacy work when one party or more demands and fails to comprehend the full consequences of the demand. Now Trump says he is considering a military option in Venezuela, just what the newly elected tyrant there said Trump was going to do. Giving orders to people in his employ and expecting those orders to be carried out successfully or face losing their jobs is a Trump “reality show” approach. Trump is finding he can’t do that in government. Clearly, that fact frustrates him even more and his not getting it fully, or ignoring that his approach is not working, he presses on uncurbed. Perhaps this is why his presidency is making so little real progress. Perhaps, too, that is why there is increasing discontent in the GOP.

Beyond my full comprehension is why Americans elected Trump to the presidency. He never held a public office nor was ever elected to anything else public. As I said in an earlier blog, Trump was right, “America has never been so low.” Its descent may be because he is the elevator operator! I for one wish he would stop twitching and grunting, so the rest of us can get some peace.