The "Kid" Is Back in The Schoolyard

Once again, the "Kid" in the White House is strutting his stuff in the juvenile way we have come to associate with Mr. Trump. No one should be surprised therefore, as Thomas Friedman pointed out August 8, 2017, in the New York Times, "Every character flaw he [Donald Trump} had before taking office..." was evidenced during the Presidential election. Trump has proved to be a serial liar, intellectually lazy, loyal to himself above all.

Trump has consistently been chronically juvenile in his reactions to those who disagree with or criticize him. Just consider how his boasting about how he was going to fight for Middle-Class and poor Americas. The newest information related to GOP tax reforms do just the opposite. They serve well the richest 1%, while the medical reforms now deny proper medical care to the very poorest. I would not at all be surprised if one of the reasons Trump would not, and had not, made public his financial holdings is how they are boosted by his push for such tax reforms. I am betting they benefit his bottom line quite well. Perhaps he could prove otherwise, of course, but not likely I suspect.

Now consider more recent news. While I do not personally agree with her interpretation of Trump's call to the widow of an army sergeant killed in Niger, for Florida Rep. Wilson to be called 'Wacky' by Donald Trump is hardly presidential. Rather such name calling is more representative of juvenile schoolyard behavior typical of those whose powers of judgement and sound reasoning are still being developed. They are immature attempts to besmirch another person and only serve to demonstrate the lack of reasoned argument of which a President should be capable.

Not Trump, however. His is still a shoot-from-the-mouth-think-later leadership style which, in the final analysis, is no leadership style at all. The damage he does to the GOP is left for others to repair. Clearly, this president is a spoiled child who is yet to fully mature. America is in a bad place with this "Kid" in the White House.