Steyer-ing Trump in the Face

Sometimes it takes money to fight money. Sometimes it just takes guts. Guts is what Tom Steyer has--in spades. Yes, he has money, too. But this guy puts his money where his mouth is. Steyer is taking on Trump in a way no one else has. In response, unlike with others he can bully, he is not taking on Steyer in a major Tweet war.

Steyer is calling publicly, and paying the freight to do so, for Trump's impeachment. Some say Trump has done nothing impeachable. Can America have come so far down that lying, bullying, "gropping" women, and calling REAL journalism "fake news" be what Presidents do now? One can only hope not. America used to be the moral leader. Not anymore.

Mr. Steyer is calling it all as he sees it. He is making his views known. He is also paying the price. Talking on Trump always has a price. "Never has America been so low." Trump said it himself! Check it out: