Will We Survive?

According to the Tony Burman, Toronto Star Foreign Affairs Columnist, “The outlines of the end are becoming more clear (sic.), as Robert Mueller's investigators dig away. Expect things to be vicious.” Indeed, he seems to have been right. Trump said he was 100% willing to cooperate with and be questioned by Robert Mueller. Now Trump appears to be wavering. Are we surprised. This is the President that told over 2000 lies during his first year in office. The same one who said he would sign whatever Congress sent to him but clearly won’t.

I agree with Burman, “It will end badly for Donald Trump as the special counsel closes in, but he has a loyal vice-president sure to pardon him, predicts Tony Burman.” (in Alex Brandon / The Associated Press http://rpitremedia.blogspot.ca/2017/08/we-now-know-how-trump-presidency-will.html. Last viewed January 11, 2018.)

The end is nigh, Mr. Trump! But, how will it end Folks?