Donald Trump: Taking America Into the Abyss?

Just when you think Donald Trump can’t take America lower, he surprises you and does just that. Over 2000 “caged” children prove it!

While I am quite confident that “Uncle Sam” is still quite a way from becoming like Germany of 1933-2945, I am just as confident that, as Germany – one of the most cultured countries on earth through the 1800s – eventually became Hitler’s Nazi Germany, the U.S.A. could also fall into the abyss by becoming increasingly Trump’s America.

Consider that Trump: (1) openly declares he would choose to deny even Constitutionally guaranteed due process to Hispanic immigrants, (2) has already been support by the Supreme Court’s decision in favour of Trump’s blockade of Muslims from 7 predominantly Muslim countries, (3) has separated over2000 children from their parents and done so by lying about what was happening to those children, (4) continues to tell “big lies” with impunity, and (5) daily appeases his base in the most “base” of ways.

Add to that (1) the chilling denial that Russia interfered in the American presidential election, (2) his disparagement of his nation’s FBI and CIA, news media, as dishonest, corrupt, sources of “false” information, (3) his irrationally linking himself to, and even praising, the totalitarian, human-rights-denying leaders Putin and Kim Jun UN while (4) increasing the distance between the U.S. and its allies in Canada and Europe, you can see even more of the Hitleresque. Didn’t Hitler begin early in his governance to align himself with Mussolini and the Japanese Emperor? Didn’t Hitler also sign a non-aggression pact with Russia? Didn’t Russia learn the hard way that Hitler could not be trusted?

Sadly, the similarities continue. Even more sadly, close to half of Americans support Trump and his lying, demeaning, and racist tirades in social media. This “base” segment of America is far greater than the portion of Germany that, at the start of his rise to power, supported Hitler.

Americans need to come to their senses. The meaning of America is rapidly becoming the “mean-ing” of America. The U.S. of A. is becoming a nation its Founding Fathers would not recognize. Is that the Statue of Liberty I see weeping?