Laugh Clown Cry

"The world is laughing at us," says Donald Trump. As he spoke at the UN this week the world did laugh. However, it did not laugh at the United States. It laughed at him. How sad to see the President of the United States seemingly unaware that the world knows him as an emperor without clothes.

Trump fails to realize that the whole world knows most of what comes out of his mouth about how great he is nonsense. So much so do they realize it when he brags about his government accomplishing more in his term than "any president in American history," he reveals himself to be the clown he has become. So, the world laughs at him. Meanwhile, those who have looked to the U.S. as the great country it once was, see what is becoming under Trump's leadership, and they cry for America.

More and more what Trump himself said is becoming increasingly true -- one of the few truths he has told -- "America has never been so low."

Will America wake up? Will America again raise its moral boot straps?