Did Trump Lie to American Troops?

Did I misunderstand my parents? When you state falsehoods as facts, you lie. Lying is wrong! If my parents were right, and I certainly believe they were, Trump seems to have lied to his own troops.

Trump is the Commanders-in-Chief of the American Armed Forces. He recently sneaked in to visit them overseas in Iraq. Commendable since they put their lives on the line every day they are there. At what became a political rally for Trump, the President bemoaned having to fly in with the windows of his plane covered. He claimed he feared for the office of President, not for himself of course, oh no, but also, "even more" for The First Lady. How brave!

On the ground he rightfully took time to thank the soldiers for their service. Then spent a great deal of the remaining time telling them about the issues he was struggling with at home, all alone, in the White House. Mind you, not quite so risky as what the same soldiers were facing each day and so far away from home over Christmas! Then, he proceeded to tell them how hard he struggled to get them their "biggest pay raise in history": a 10% raise! What is more, Trump claimed it was the only pay raise the military had gotten in over a decade. REALLY???

According to news reports -- and not "fake news" reports either but the Real McCoy, verifiable news reports -- Trump lied, to his own troops. How is that for leadership?

In truth, American troops have had pay raises every year for the last ten years! Each raise matched, or came very close to at least matching, inflation! In total more than 10% in raises altogether.

By any standards, if true, and the facts seem verifiable. Commander-in-Chief, Donald Trump, lied to his troops! How that must inspire their confidence in him. How proud Americans must be to know that their own President may have lied to their soldiers overseas, all while soldier are putting their lives on the line every day they are deployed.

Most shamefully, this "lie" comes from one who himself begged off military service because of "bone spurs" on his feet! Were his bone spurs a lie, too? Besides, aren't they fixable? Not if you don't want to serve in the armed forces! How brave!