Traditions Matter

Traditions are important! They matter in business and in family life. Traditions celebrate what we have in common. They remind us of common values and treasured experiences. They remind us not only of who we are but why we are and how we got here.

My son, soon to be 50, and I this week celebrated a tradition we have had since he was 7 years old. In 1977 we went to the opening night. in our then home town, and saw Star Wars! We have been to every opening night, in whatever community we lived at the time, of each subsequent episode in the franchise. This year, my daughter-in-law and granddaughter were added to the celebrants.

This time together reminds us of our journey through life as we have so far shared it. It reminds us of how important these celebrations of our special moments mark our growth along the way. The time is not so much about the movie, as it is about celebrating our connection. We are family!

In business as well, celebrations, and traditions of other sorts, remind us of the fact that together we succeed; apart we don’t! Unfortunately, maybe more clearly in the U.S.A. at this time than in perhaps no other since the Civil War, celebrating as “one nation, indivisible” is a challenge. Perhaps, in time, even our countries can learn that we are better united than divided. We are a family whether we like it or not. Better to make it work whether a home, a business, or a nation.

Season’s greetings, and peace to all!