Presidents' Day? Seriously?

This President's Day ought to be a day, not of celebration, but of mourning in the U.S.A. The Presidency, if not the President, is dead! In its place is the pending monarchy.

"Long live the King!" May be the chant that is looming ahead. Donald Trump is already assuming the role. Consider the billion or so dollars he has taken from the military budget for his fence. American soldiers, not Mexico, are paying for Trump's wall: soldiers he promised to look after. They are paying with money their "King" has stolen from funds budgeted by Congress: the oversight-keeper of the American budget.

But, this, of course is not the only way he has, by his actions, demonstrated his kingly powers. He also, by virtue of his behaviour, in defying Congressional subpoenas, told them he, not they, will interpret the American Constitution.

America is on its way, not just to becoming a monarchy, as much as a dictatorship.

Consider AG Barr's recent conduct. Is he becoming Trump's Roland Freisler! Don't kid yourself. It could happen. Trump, a chronic and compulsive liar, is an egotist without scruples, and certainly lacking in concern for others. Seems to me, in view of his comments about the faith of Nancy Pelosi and Senator Mitt Romney, the most Trump could claim about his faith is, it's in the "Divine Right of Kings"!