Batteries and Disinfectant Anyone?

The adolescent fool in the White House falls all over himself once again. Is Trump losing it! First, he asks the scientist if light (ultraviolet light I assume) and/or heat inside the body is being tried. Then, he asks whether studying the effects of disinfectant would be worthwhile. He didn’t ask this of reporters, as he later stated he did, claiming he did so facetiously as a “test” of the reports of “fake news.”

Clearly, he lied!

In fact, he asked this of the scientists to his right. Both of them were queried by him: one clearly uncomfortable, even embarrassed, by Trump’s dull-wittedness. Even my 7-year-old granddaughter knows that disinfectants and bleach are poisonous! Duh!

Unfortunately, I bet that at least one of Trump’s base will try one or the other method simply because he suggests it’s worth testing.

Remember, this same genius (so he claims) also has been promoting Hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malarial drug, as a worthy candidate for testing as a coronavirus cure as well. Yet, some testing of this drug has suggested it might be lethal when applied to Covid-19! Makes me wonder whether the more than 90 million doses the States bought might be somehow lining the pockets of one or more members of the Trump family. After all, he has still not revealed his investments and he is not above making money on the side from the Presidency: to wit, the use of his golf clubs and hotels for government business.

Besides, the flashlight and Lysol don’t work! NOT!