Trump Is Not a Doctor!

President Donald Trump IS as disaster!

He is not a doctor but has suggested he might well have been, after all he’s so smart. Duh! This, is the man who started out his anti-virus response by saying that COVID-19 was "a hoax" perpetrated by the Democrats to embarrass him before the 2020 election. Of course, he only embarrasses himself! This is also the egocentric buffoon who said the "Chinese virus" was only a single person from China and little more than a cold that was "under control" and still suggests "It will soon be over."

Recently, this same "leader"--and I use the term advisedly--held a 90-minute news conference during which he went off course from the intended, urgent, and life-threatening matter of COVID-19, to tell the American people how he had sacrificed millions of his billions to become President to serve them. Meanwhile, more than a million of his fellow Americans are out of work and struggling to make ends meet.

Yet, this same, unconscionable, man-in-the-White-House is trying to manage a confused and disorganized collection of sycophants many weeks, if not months, behind in responding to a killer virus the White House knew about in early January!

Still, about 40% of Americans extol his virtues despite this “emperor” having no clothes at all!

The mean-ing of America™ is getting more evident day by day. Thousands will die as a result of Trump's failings as a leader. Wake up Americans or you may die because of Trump's lying!